What reassurance & guarantee do our autographs/screen used props come with?

We are avid collectors ourselves, and have worked with hundreds if not thousands of actors over the years. So we know everything collected ourselves is 100% genuine and in person, other pieces we have worked with trusted friends and partners who have the same ethics - what is the point of a unique piece if it isn't right... zero! So our COA for every item, be it an autograph or screen used prop is 100% life-time money back if there is any doubt or it fails an internationally recognised graph checking assessment. We wouldn't be comfortable not offering this as it's our reputation and our passion! Buy with trust, we guarantee you'll love your new investment!

Can you source something unique?

Hell yeah! That's the fun part of our job... We are often in movie studios filming with our props, or at comic-conventions with actors or simply just up to something cool - if there's something you're after, we can make it our mission to hook you up with whoever has it, or point you in the right direction - often for free at our end, it's the fun of the task we do it for on searchs like this.

How do you post items out?

Autograph displays come securly packed and clearly identifed as fragile/do not bend on backed envelopes. Larger props are packaged as their size/make demands - every care is made to ensure it's packed as we'd expect to receive it. Everything sent out is fully insured for the cost of the item itself - we do not leave anything to chance as it is our pride and joy asd much as it is yours.

Where is our shop?

We're based inside the Packhorse Shopping Centre, Huddersfield (HD1 2RT) For the past few years we've stored our props underneath the shopping centre, and loaded up to tour the UK & Europe with film props and jurassic collection, but when lockdown came we were left twiddling our thumbs - so we decided to open a shop providing people with the sort of facemasks that you don't see every day... then, as the world started to return to normal, we decided to bring some of our collection up to the shop and grow Geek Wars. We've walls of autographs, lots of film and tv props and some cool tees from our own designs. Call in and see us, we're open every day barring Sunday (although in December we are also open Sundays)