• Martin Ballard

Incy Wincy Little Spider... There's No Way Home for you!

We're big fans of awesome trailers here at Geek Wars HQ, but we can't help but think that Spider-Man No Way Home is giving away a little too much with this latest and final (for now) trailer to promote December's big release...

Sure we like to be woo'd into going to the flicks to watch the next epic Marvel movie, but as Rene once said... You had us at hello! If you don't want to be shown just about every villain we're expecting to see and all the twists the turns, don't click on the link to the trailer - but if you can't resist, you will be blown away... We were and we've now watched it four times before writing this...

We are hoping beyond hope this is the FINAL, final trailer before the release on December 17th with TICKETS GOING ON SALE from 'Spider-Monday' which is 29th November. We will be waiting by the computer to book them!

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