• Martin Ballard

Wake up UK! We have all the SuperBowl’s Best Trailers In One Place!

Every year during the SuperBowl final we get treated to the best of the best in trailers and adverts - and why not when they are charging up to $35million for a 30 second trail… so here’s what we’ve been treated to tonight, or in our case in the UK, in the middle of the night!

We’ve been kind and brought you the BOTB right here starting with #JurassicWorld

Next up is #ChanningTatum and #SandraBulloch in #LostCity

Then we have the eagerly awaited #ToyStory prequel of #Lightyear and another ‘kids’ classic #SonicTheHedgehog

But the biggest one of the night without a doubt has to be #MarvelStudios lastest drop of #DoctorStrange #MultiverseOfMadness - there’s so many spoilers out there already so we won’t add to them, just sit back and watch it a few times, there’s so much to enjoy already!

Have a great Monday folks, and don’t forget to give your other half their #Valentines card before you watch all these!!

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